The Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation Ltd. was incorporated on 21st September, 1973 vide CIN No-U01111OR1973SGC000595 with an objective to investigate and develop the ground and surface water resources by executing , establishing, improving Lift Irrigation Projects and providing Irrigation facilities to the Cultivators in the State of Odisha.

The Ground Water Survey and Investigation business was part of the Corporation since inception but it was separated and ceased the function on 31.12.1995 vide resolution of Govt. of Odisha No. 26469 / dated 29.12.1995. Presently the activities of the Corporation have been limited to execution of new L.I. Projects and Borewells under different schemes of Government of Odisha and also improvement and revival of old L.I.Ps.

The Corporation is also taking part to motivate Cultivators to join hand together and form PANI PANCHAYAT in various Districts of the State of Odisha. PANI PANCHAYAT has been created under PANI PANCHAYAT Act and Rules formed by the Govt. of Odisha. The registration, Supervision, election of Office bearers and service provider of technical knowhow for operation & maintenance is controlled by the Act and Rules as framed. After successful completion of the Projects, the Corporation has been handing over the said Projects to the PANI PANCHAYATS for it operation and maintenance with larger beneficiary participation for efficient and equitable supply & distribution, ensuring optimum utilisation of water by farmers for growing of agricultural production.