Diamond Irrigation Development Scheme (HIRAKUD COMMAND AREA DEVELOPMENT)

The said scheme is managed with the grant of the State Government. For the convenience of irrigation in non-irrigated land or dry land in the Bargarh and Sambalpur districts under Hirakud irrigation, the state government has set up new raised water irrigation projects to provide water to the agricultural land through high-powered pumps from Hirakud canals or rivers, streams or canals in the said area.
After the farmers contact the office of the nearest Irrigation Officer and submit an application, the investigation of the project is carried out.In this, the successful project is evaluated by the irrigation executive and a comprehensive project report (DPR) is prepared and sent to the government through the irrigation corporation.The government considers this and approves the project and allocates funds. The said scheme is being implemented from the financial year 2008-09. After the completion of the project, the responsibility for its operation and maintenance is handed over to the farmer’s committee.