Biju Farmers Development Scheme (Central Government Special Assistance to KBK Districts) BKVY (SCA)

This scheme is meant for Quebec region. In the said scheme, the central government gives special financial grants to the states. The implementation of the said scheme is explained below.

The farmers of KBK district informed the District Collector through an application letter about installing irrigation systems and agreed to pay 10 percent of the project cost.The Chief Irrigation Officer investigates the success of the project, rates the successful projects, prepares a Comprehensive Project Report (DPR) and sends it to the District Collector.. The District Collector forwards it to the Administrative Secretary, Water Resources Department, Bhubaneswar for the approval of the State Level Screening Committee (SLSC).After SLSC approval, the state government directs the implementation of the project by subsidizing 90 percent of the project cost from its own share. After the project work is completed, the project is handed over to the Farmers Committee and the Farmers Committee takes over the management, does the farming while paying the electricity itself and keeps the project running.