Revival of CLIP

Due to damage of hard works, distribution system by natural calamities, change in river course, conversion of agricultural land in the ayacut to homestead land, theft of transformer, conductor & expiry of life span of system components, etc., every year, some Lift Irrigation Projects (LIPs) gets defunct.
As very few projects are repaired annually under RIDF and other source of funding, more command area is lost every year.
Considering the need on demands of farmers, State Government launched the scheme “Revival of Defunct LIPs” during 2014-15 up to 2018-19.
Off 6916 defunct LIPs existing up to 2013-14, it was programmed to revive 3773 defunct CLIPs during 2014-15 to 2018-19 as per EFC. Of these, 4414 defunct CLIPs have been repaired through the scheme and 1405 defunct LIPs through RIDF and other funding.